There’s No Adventure Too Small

Several years ago I was listening to an episode of the Sprocket Podcast, a Portland, Oregon based show, and it forever changed my perspective on hiking, and adventure.  The guest, Maria Schur (who blogs at Bicycle Kitty), made a comment during the interview: “There’s no ride too short.”  The idea was given to Maria from her …

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A Nature Walk

What does a nature walk have to do with adventure? Perhaps nothing at the moment, but don’t overlook the possibilities and benefits down the road. This past Saturday the Santa Monica Mountains Fund led its first ever Members’ Hike. It wasn’t a difficult outing; the hike to Inspiration Point was entirely on the grounds of the …

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Adventure – A different perspective

What is “adventure”? The dictionary definition of ‘adventure’ as a noun is “an exciting or very unusual experience” and/or “participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises”.   My favorite definition was one found in a science fiction novel. It was an alien’s perspective on what humans referred to as ‘adventure’. The alien thought what human called adventure …

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