The purpose of this ‘NOW’ page is to provide insight into my vision for Adventure-to-Adventure, where it’s headed, what to expect in the future, and also what’s happening on a personal level (See below) since this directly impacts the content of this site. (Page last updated – 4/11/18)  (For more information on ‘Now’ Pages check out the following site:

My current focus for Adventure-to-Adventure is: – providing information other people can use to plan their own adventures – writing articles to inspire people to get outside – penning features people enjoy reading.

My article focus is on: – Trip reports with links and other details to allow people to put together an outing of their own – Writing about adventure (people, places, activities, etc.) – The occasional gear review highlighting what I’m using and why I like it (or not) – Book reviews (I’m an unapologetic bibliophile) – Upcoming outings.

On the topic of ‘free’: Adventure-to-Adventure is a free site and not connected to any affiliate marketing program. Which means I don’t receive any compensation from links which appear in the articles. Any ads you do see are from WordPress since Adventure-to-Adventure uses a ‘free’ WordPress plan. All the costs accrued with this site, of which there are a few, are covered by me.

Articles: I’ve been remiss in writing new articles on a regular basis. There’s plenty to write about, but I’ve been having so much fun getting out and planning new trips that I haven’t put enough emphasis on writing. This is a major area in need of improvement. More articles will be forthcoming when I return from the Middle East!

Social Media: Like many of you, I’m considering deleting, or at the very least, snoozing, my Facebook account: both personal and the Adventure-to-Adventure page. Before doing this, I need to set up my email subscriber system. Even if I don’t get rid of Facebook, because of their business model for pages like mine, I will still need to set up an email system. Hope to get this done in the next quarter. To facilitate this, you will soon see notes on the website, in articles, and on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page, giving you the option to receive the latest Adventure-to-Adventure article sent straight to your Inbox. I might send out an email or message to people I know, but the only way an article link will be sent to you is with your consent. People’s email address will not be shared or sold.

Personal Info: The first quarter of 2018 has been great. I spent a week in Sedona, another week exploring Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, I completed the Coast to Crest Trail Challenge, and I’m heading to Jordan and Israel soon. My focus in May and June will be completing the Six Pack of Peaks Southern California Challenge, as well as backpacking in the Southern Sierra. This summer I’ll be heading up to the Pacific Northwest for about a six-week road trip.

Red Rock Canyon Turtlehead Peak
Red Rock Canyon – Turtlehead Peak


So far this year I haven’t read a single book. This is rather pathetic. I need to set aside time every day for reading.

I just completed a Wilderness First-Aid class and will follow this up with a CPR class. My goal is to be leading Sierra Club trips again, starting in the fall of this year. It was great taking my nephew on a hike earlier this month (he had a great time, and so did I), and I want to take him on more trips as well as help other people get outside.

Speaking of outings: I’ll post upcoming events on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page and/or create an ‘upcoming events’ page. These trips will be free, though I have to figure out if there are any liability issues before scheduling them. It might be better for me to do all my trips as Sierra Club outings, since there is insurance for Sierra Club outings. More to come. Most of my trips which don’t involve leaving Southern California will be made Monday through Friday. The weekends, for the most part, will be spent with my wife, family, and friends, with Sunday mornings at church. This doesn’t mean I won’t be getting outdoors on the weekends, but if I do, it will be to spend it with others.

One thing I’m trying to stay out of this year is politics, at all levels. I’m distrustful of both parties and disgusted with the level of partisanship. Civil, political discourse is difficult, even among friends, when people don’t understand their own confirmation bias, and worse, don’t understand what confirmation bias means. I have much better things to do with my remaining time on this earth.

These are the major items. Stay tuned for updates.


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