The purpose of this ‘NOW’ page is to provide insight into my vision for Adventure-to-Adventure, where it’s headed, what to expect in the future, and also what’s happening on a personal level (See below) since this directly impacts the content of this site. (Page last updated – 1/2/18)  (For more information on ‘Now’ Pages check out the following site:

My current focus for Adventure-to-Adventure is:
– providing information other people can use to plan their own adventures
– writing articles to inspire people to get outside
– penning features people enjoy reading.

My article focus is on:
– Trip reports with links and other details to allow people to put together an outing of their own
– Writing about adventure (people, places, activities, etc.)
– The occasional gear review highlighting what I’m using and why I like it (or not)
– Book reviews (I’m an unapologetic bibliophile)
– Upcoming outings.

Speaking of outings: I’ll post upcoming events on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page and/or create an ‘upcoming events’ page. These trip will be free, though I have to figure out if there are any liability issues before scheduling them. More to come.

Paradise Falls - Christmas Day 2017
Christmas Morning 2017 at Paradise Falls in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks, CA

On the topic of ‘free’: Adventure-to-Adventure is a free site and not connected to any affiliate marketing program. Which means I don’t receive any compensation from links which appear in the articles. Any ads you do see are from WordPress since Adventure-to-Adventure uses a ‘free’ WordPress plan. All the costs accrued with this site, of which there are a few, are covered by me.

There are some changes I want to make concerning content. I found myself focused more on storytelling and not enough on providing useful information. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the quality of writing and making it entertaining, but not at the expense of making it relevant to someone wanting to partake in similar adventures. Expect more links both in the articles and at the end post.

Social Media. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, quickly heading towards hate-hate. I’m a big fan of net neutrality. Facebook’s business model is as far from net neutral as you can get. Facebook want creators (e.g., this website) to pay to provide the user (i.e., many of you) what you already signed up for to receive. (The Babylon Bee has a quality bit of satire about this: ‘Internet Service Providers Should Not Be Able To Decide What People Can See Online,’ Says Man Who Decides What People Can See Online) I’m considering using Twitter, but the way Twitter is currently being abused by so many high profile people is giving me cause for concern. More thought is needed on this before moving forward. I did set up an Instagram account (adventuretoadventuredotcom) and will start posting photos as I take them.

To reach readers with the latest post, I’m setting up a private email list. You will soon see notes on the website, in articles, on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page, giving you the option to receive the latest Adventure-to-Adventure article sent straight to your Inbox. I might send out an email or message to people I know, but the only way an article link will be sent is with your consent. People’s email address will not be shared or sold. I’ll continue to use Facebook to share posts, but the more reliable option will be via direct email.

Personal Info: I’m well into planning adventures for 2018. I’m heading for Sedona for a week the end of February, spending a week doing trail maintenance this spring in the Los Padres N.F., planning a trip to the Middle East sometime after Easter and looking into adding a stop or two in Europe after leaving Israel, returning to Banff and the Mountain Film and Book Festival in the fall, figuring out which island in Hawaii to go to this year, visiting family and friends in the Pacific Northwest over the summer, hiking and backpacking the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge in Southern California, finishing the Coast to Crest Trail Challenge, exploring the local desert, and that’s just the ‘big’ trips. Part of the challenge is to scheduling all this around our existing commitments.

Except where it pertains to this blog, I’m going to be scaling back my use of social media this year. I read less than a dozen books in 2017; much of this can be attributed to time spent on Facebook.  I’ve rethought my Facebook usage and will be making a series of personal posts explaining how I’m going to use it moving forward. (I may post a summary to Adventure-to-Adventure.) (My favorite books of 2017 were Hiking the Holy Mountain by John McKinney, and a quirky “pictotext”: Orange is Optimism by Kit Whistler, J.R. Switchgrass.)

Pertaining to reading, we have a stack of books we picked up in Banff that I want to get to. I’m currently reading Warnings against Myself: Meditations on a Life in Climbing by David Stevenson, who I accosted at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival ‘After Party’ to get his autograph. My Daily Devotional is Morning and Evening (King James Version) by Charles Spurgeon.

The next couple of months will be focused on my fitness and home projects. I had a health setback last week and I need to dial back the activities until I’m at least ninety percent. The good thing about not being able to exert myself too much is it will give me time to get a couple of things done around the house.

Most of my trips which don’t involve leaving Southern California will be made Monday through Friday. The weekends, for the most part, will be spent with my wife, family, and friends, with Sunday mornings at church. This doesn’t mean I won’t be getting outdoors on the weekends, but if I do, it will be to spend it with others.

One thing I’m trying to stay out of this year is politics, at all levels. I’m distrustful of both parties and disgusted with the level of partisanship. Civil political discourse is difficult, even among friends, when people don’t understand their own confirmation bias, and worse, don’t understand what confirmation bias means. I have much better things to do with my remaining time on this earth.

These are the major items. Stay tuned for updates.


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