This ‘Now’ Page was last updated on November 18, 2019.

The purpose of this ‘NOW’ page is to provide insight into my vision for Adventure-to-Adventure, where it’s headed, what to expect in the future, and also what’s happening on a personal level (see below) since this directly impacts the content of this site.  (For more information on ‘Now’ Pages check out the following site:

My focus for Adventure-to-Adventure is:
– Writing articles to inspire people to get outside
– Providing information other people can use to plan their own adventures
– Penning features people enjoy reading.

My article focus is:
– Trip reports, with links and details, to allow people to put together their own outings
– Writing about adventure (people, places, activities, etc.)
– The occasional gear review highlighting what I’m using and why I like it (or not)
– Book reviews (I’m an unapologetic bibliophile)
– Upcoming outings.

On the topic of ‘free’: Adventure-to-Adventure is a free site and not connected to any affiliate marketing program. This means I don’t receive any compensation from links that appear in the articles. Any ads you do see are from WordPress since Adventure-to-Adventure uses a ‘free’ WordPress plan. All the costs accrued with this site, of which there are a few, are covered by me.

Why so few articles lately? I’ve been remiss in writing new articles due to health issues.  (See my article: )  Future articles will be published as health allows.

Trip Plans: I had a great time in Park City, Glacier N.P., and PCT Days before getting sick. I need to have surgery to correct the problem. I had to cancel trips to Banff and Maui, and will not be making new plans until after my surgery and rehab are complete and the doctors give me a clean bill of health.

Post-surgery vision. I’m planning on posting events on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page and/or create an ‘upcoming events’ page. These trips will be free, though I have to figure out liability issues before scheduling them.

Social Media: I’m looking to increase my Instagram presence (@adventuretoadventuredotcom) and spending less time on Facebook.  I wrote a series of posts about Facebook and Social Media with the intent of publishing a long article on Adventure-to-Adventure but decided against it.  (My focus is on adventure, not venting my spleen about the downsides of social media.)

I plan to set up an email subscriber system later in 2020.  When that happens you will see notes on the website, in articles, and on the Adventure-to-Adventure Facebook page, giving you the option to receive the latest Adventure-to-Adventure article sent straight to your Inbox. People’s email address will not be shared or sold.

No Politics on this site. I’m distrustful of both parties and disgusted with the level of unthinking partisanship. Civil political discourse is difficult, even among friends, when people don’t understand their own confirmation bias, and worse, don’t understand what confirmation bias means. I have much better things to do with my remaining time on this earth than to descend into that quagmire.

These are the major items. Stay tuned for updates.

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