Adventure-to-Adventure 2017: A New Start

Why Adventure-to-Adventure? Why this blog?  Why now? It’s simple, and it’s complicated.  The simple answer is this blog is a creative outlet meant to motivate and inspire.
The complicated answer is, well, complicated.  Why the desire to create, to share, and the somewhat audacious hope to motivate and inspire?
Not too many years ago my idea of adventure was about pushing myself, bagging peaks, running whitewater, putting miles on the bike, climbing rocks, paddling a kayak, traveling to new destinations, and backpacking in awesome places.  And I still like to, and hope to continue to, do these, and many other activities.  And I’ve been sharing some of this with people on Facebook and in other forums.
However, I wanted to more than just share my life experiences.  In the past I was a outings leader for the Sierra Club and led trips for another club as well, plus I organized ‘private’ trips with friends.  Now that I have more free time (read: ‘I’m retired’), I plan to do this again.
I also want to share ‘adventure’ with others.  What is adventure?  I’ll write more about the concept of ‘adventure’ in future posts, but for me adventure is about expanding horizons, doing something outside of my ‘comfort zone’, challenging oneself in new and different ways.  Opportunities for adventure are all around us and don’t require risking life and limb or traveling to some faraway place for long periods of time.  What is adventurous to one person may seem banal to another, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t adventurous to the person doing it.  Don’t let someone try to tell you otherwise.
I also want to help people plan adventures and push back on the perceived barriers to getting out and having their own adventures.   “Perceived barriers” is a nice way to say “excuses”.  Most people I know want to have move adventure in their life, but can’t seem to push past the standard set of excuses to actually go on them. More on this in future posts.
Speaking of future posts…Here’s what you can expect.  The goal is to publish about one post per week.  Posts will run the gambit of trip reports, gear reviews, motivation & encouragement, lessons learned, profiles, upcoming opportunities, and a smattering of advice.  If all goes well, I may, down the road, try my hand at some videos and podcasts.  First I need to finish up the website design and fix some ‘bugs’.
Post will be put up on the website and links to the website on the ‘Adventure to Adventure’ Facebook page.  Comments and suggestions should be made on the ‘Adventure to Adventure’ Facebook page, at least until I fix the aforementioned few bugs on the website.