No Hike is Too Short – Back on the Trail Again

The sun felt warm on my face.  The air was cool and there was just enough of a breeze that I opted for a wind shirt.  I walked away from the car and soon put feet to dirt. It was a comfortable feeling heading out on this path, a place I had visited over a dozen times this year, in each of the four seasons, on my first hike in three months. 

Crystal Cove 3

There is more I want to say about Crystal Cove State Park’s backcountry, how El Moro Canyon has changed, how civilization has encroached on it, and yet, despite all the challenges, it still retains a bit of wildness, and, when viewed in certain places, at the correct angles, there is the  illusion of open spaces. (A longer article will be forthcoming.)

Crystal Cove 2

The ease of access, while at times a curse, makes the park my default training site.  The proximity to the city also means I never lack for a choice of eateries when the day is done.  Today though, all I wanted was to stroll under blue skies, to look down on the ocean, to gaze out over the canyons to the local mountains, to feel alive again outside.

Crystal Cove 1