Sick on the Road

Adventures can be fun, exciting, uplifting, and fulfilling; that’s why we keep doing them. But spend enough time on the road and the odds are you will experience a not so pleasant part of travel: being sick or injured away from home. I was reminded of this last week, where instead of exploring a canyon …

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Renewed Friendships and New Adventures

It was the final meeting of the Boeing Outdoor Adventure Club, the 2016 Holiday Party.  My membership in this organization stretches back almost 30 years, back to when it was the McDonnell Douglas Backpacking Club.  So many memories, so many adventures.   It’s the friendships, touched with nostalgia, which caused me to brave the rush hour …

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A week ago my wife and I attended the Urban Wildlife Week kickoff at King Gillette Ranch in Malibu Canyon featuring a screening of ‘The Cat that changed America’. Yesterday, Urban Wildlife Week culminated at Griffith Park with the second annual P-22 Day Festival. For those of you unfamiliar what P22 stands for, P22 (Puma …

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