There’s No Adventure Too Small

Several years ago I was listening to an episode of the Sprocket Podcast, a Portland, Oregon based show, and it forever changed my perspective on hiking, and adventure.  The guest, Maria Schur (who blogs at Bicycle Kitty), made a comment during the interview: “There’s no ride too short.”  The idea was given to Maria from her physical therapist while Maria was doing rehab for a back injury.  Maria was feeling frustrated about not being able to ride and Brian, her therapist, told her “there’s no ride too short”.  The concept stuck with Maria and she thought it was important to share the idea with others, “especially those new to cycling who are intimidated by long distances.”

I wrote to Maria, telling her how the comment impacted me and how I ‘expanded’ it to cover other activities.  “There’s no hike too short” and “there’s no adventure too small” (or “there’s no adventure too mundane”.)  Once distance, duration, and difficulty are no longer used to judge an endeavor you are free to enjoy the experience for what it is.  This ‘revelation’ changed my life and opened up a myriad of new possibilities.

The takeaway is this: It’s all good. Just going out and doing something is what’s important.  And whatever you decide to do, it certainly beats just sitting on the couch or watching reality TV.