Odds and Ends: Food and Nutrition

Summer is here, and a lot of us are heading into the backcountry. A common topic of conversation is food: specifically what to eat on long trips. I just listened to an informative, albeit, long, podcast from Backpacking Light. The hosts aren’t trying to sell you on a specific diet, or push an agenda, even though they have their preferences. Their guest for the first hour of the podcast (I did mention this was long) is certified sports nutritionist and author, Brian Rigby. Brian does an excellent job debunking common myths and explaining why there is no magic diet which works for everyone. There is a wealth of information in the podcast, and the podcast webpage has a detailed outline and set of links.


Speaking of food, here’s a cartoon many of us can relate to from talented artist and musician Boots McFarland (aka Geolyn Carvin, whose cartoons I look forward to seeing every Monday.) http://www.bootsmcfarland.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Boots-McFarland-Cartoon-121985657835548/

More Food

Disclaimer: I’ve been a Backpacking Light subscriber since 2006 and am a lifetime member. I do not receive any compensation for promoting their site. I’m sharing this with you because of the quality content which I believe is a benefit to readers of this blog.