Another Adventurer – Free ebooks!

This week is a different type of post. It’s about another adventurer and author, Bryan Snyder, who has used his ‘free’ time during the summer over the course of many years to explore the mountain west and beyond. Bryan wrote a summer column, “Off The Map”, for the Evening Sun newspaper in Chenango County, New York. These articles became the foundation for a series of three ‘Off The Map’ books.


The books are organized in chronological fashion. Individual chapters are grouped by year (Year One, Year Two, etc.) and weeks (One, Two, …) Each chapter is three to five pages in length which makes it easy to read one prior to going to bed, during a lunch break, waiting in line at Starbucks, you get the idea.

Bryan is a gung ho type of guy and, while he seems to understand the meaning of caution, he doesn’t hesitate to throw it to the wind on an all too regular basis. I’m sure I’m not the first person to question his judgement, but his enthusiasm is infectious and his writing light-hearted. The fact he’s survived years of adventures and misadventures is a testament to his skill as well as providence.

Over the course of many season of adventuring on the cheap, Bryan has spent a lot of time camping out, most of the time for free. He wrote an ebook Renegade Car Camping which provides valuable advice on how to locate free and low cost camping opportunities.

The reason why I’m posting this now is Bryan’s third book, Falling Off The Map has just been published. I’ve read his first two books as well as Renegade Car Camping and have started on his latest release. His journeys have provided inspiration, amusement, as well as ideas for future trips of my own, not to mention some valuable camping advice.

Falling small

Here’s the best part, you don’t have to take my word for any of this, you can download his first book Off The Map as well as Renegade Car Camping for FREE from Bryan’s website: It’s what I did a couple of years ago and I’m glad I did.  As an added bonus, if you download Renegade Car Camping you will also receive a free copy of Ten Renegade Camping Destinations which you can use to plan your own camping adventure.

If you enjoy Off The Map and want to read more of Byran’s adventures you can pick up a copy of Further Off The Map and Falling Off The Map on Amazon.

Note: I downloaded the .mobi file for use with my Kindle and the Kindle App for tablet and smartphone.

(Disclaimer: While I downloaded Off The Map and Renegade Car Camping for free from Bryan’s website, I paid for Bryan’s second and third books with my own funds.)