Not all adventures are meant to be shared

Not all adventures are meant to be shared. Not all locations should be disclosed.

There aren’t any details in this post, just a story about a blank spot on the map. A special place, a cave where I’ve only brought one other person.

It all started with a rumor. I decided to follow up on it. There wasn’t a lot of information available.   The place wasn’t easy to find; I didn’t find it on the first attempt. I just about gave up on my second try. One last hunch, a guess really. Luck was on my side. I found it. The poison oak and the hornet sting were worth it. At least to me.   Only a picture for my efforts.

Swordfish Edit

Some may say: “Is that it?”  “Yes.”

Most people won’t care about this. And that’s a good thing. To some people though, this is something very special, a part of their heritage. It’s important to them. And it is for their sake that I’ve left out any details, except to say, in this case, the rumor is real.